Saint Clair Die Casting and EPI are Engineered Products Industries companies

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About Saint Clair Die Casting

St. Clair Die Casting opened its doors as a supplier of zinc die casting and aluminum die casting in a 6,700 square foot building in September of 1967. The company started with four employees and with equipment that was state-of-the-art for the time. It was the focus on prevention of defects rather than detection of rejects that first set the standard for uncompromising excellence in every facet of the business to which the company adheres to this day.

We have undergone a lean transformation, and under this vision, the company has re-affirmed its four-decades-long commitment to excellence, and has taken that commitment to the next level, with a sharp focus on the leading-edge technologies, lean processes, and the skilled employees it takes to fulfill the expanding needs and high expectations of our customers.

Currently our markets served are primarily Heavy Truck, Automotive, Medical, Agriculture and Commercial/Industrial sectors.

St. Clair Die Casting and its sister company EPI Plastic Molding can provide a complete portfolio of aluminum or zinc die castings and engineered plastics. Visit EPI at to see how they can solve your application or tool requirement.

Key attributes of SCDC business philosophy are:


-unique & creative solutions to application problems


-measurable adherence to requirements
-consistent service levels


-objectives achieved
-relentless dependability


-honest/open communication