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Custom Aluminum Die Casting Services

St. Clair Die Casting provides full service, custom aluminum die casting, tool design, and precision CNC machining. Utilizing precise manufacturing techniques, advanced automation and robotics, we provide complete project management, and ongoing tool support.

With the ability to work with A380, A360 or A383-aluminum, St. Clair can specialize in high-pressure die casting, which utilizes vacuum assist and squeeze pin technology to minimize porosity. Casting processes employs dry vacuum impregnation where required and clamping pressures from 450 to 1,000 tons. Other value-add operations include machining, drill/tapping, roto-blasting, heat treating, painting and clear or dark anodizing.

A complete quality control system is in place and includes process monitoring and inspections such as automated CMM with magnetic tip as well as spectro-analysis. Other offerings include mold flow and finite element analysis, thermal stress, and leak/pressure test air decay.  St. Clair is committed to providing the highest quality custom aluminum die casting services and can be best exemplified by our many satisfied customers. To learn more about our custom die casting services, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Examples of Our Work

Aluminum Die Casting - Capabilities

General Capabilities
Custom Tool Design, Aluminum Die Casting, CNC Machining, Robotics
Casting Method
High Pressure Die Casting
Squeeze Pin Technology (minimize porosity)
Vacuum Assist
Clamping Pressure
700 to 900 ton
Tooling Material
H13 Premium OVAR Supreme Tool Steel
Tool Vendors
Domestic & Overseas
Aluminum Grades
A380, A383 and A360
Casting Width
1 inch and above
Casting Length
Up to 13 inches
Casting Weight
Within +/- .002
Secondary Operations
CNC Machining
Heat Treat
Dry/Wet Vacuum
Anodizing (Clear, Dark)
Automated CMM with Magnetic Tip
Casting & Mold Flow
Finite Element
Thermal Stress
Leak/Pressure Test Air Decay (5 cc)
Additional Services
Formal Project Management
Process Flow Development
Tooling Design & Creation
APQP Driven
Cellular Manufacturing
Shot Control and Monitoring
Continuous Improvement Teams
Production Volume
High Production Volumes
Typical Lead Time
24 hours to five days